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Phrasal Verbs… «Is your English good enough to
know what they are talking about?»
Speaker One, «Well, Good Morning. It’s time we get on (1) with our
office reorganization.

Speaker Two, «Well, I suggest we put Anna, Julia, and Tanya in the
front office.»
Speaker One, «That will never work. Anna and Tanya don’t get
on.» (2)

Speaker Three, «Well, that’s a pity. But why not put Mrs.
Davidson in with Anna and Julia?»
Speaker Two, «But Mrs. Davison’s getting on (3) and will retire
soon. That solution would only be for a few months.”

Speaker One, «Well, how are we ever going to get on (4)with the
reorganization if Anna and Tanya don’t get on (5) and, for goodness sakes, how
will they ever get on (6) in our company if they don’t learn to get on (7) with
their colleagues!»


1)       It means_______

2)       It means_______

3)      It means_______

4)      It means________

5)      It means________

6)      It means________

It means________

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