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1. She ____ to the library on Tuesdays

2. My father __talented at playing the piano.

3. I ____ go to museums often.

4. How ____ is a train ticket to Moscow?

6. I ____ agree with you.

7. I can't ____ anything without glasses.

8. I really wish she ____ here with us this afternoon.

9. I plan to travel to the city ____ train.

10. Does he like classical music? Yes, he ____.

11. Has anyone spoken to Anna? ____ to tennis practice on Wednesday?

12. I hope you're enjoying our shop. ____ like to buy something?

13. I’m leaving town next week. ____ want to see me after lunch?

14. I haven't visited London in a few years. When ......... you last there?

15. I wasn’t at home all day. This morning I went to school ____ attend my history class.

16. I ____ so much fun tonight. You’re welcome to come again whenever you’d like.

17. It's ____ to snow tomorrow, so wear warm clothes.

18. ____ in the morning?

19. He ____ at the moment. May I take a message?

20. Olga doesn't watch horror films; she only ____ comedy.

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