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Our Programs

  • Accounting
  • Banking and Finance
  • IT
  • Legal English
  • Marketing
  • The Hospitality Industry
  • HR
  • Medical
  • English for Engineers
  • Secretarial and Office Management

Every CPL course has, in reality, the same goal. That is to focus specifically on the fixed expressions, colloquial expressions and “terms of art” and Phrasal Verbs specific to the particular field and to work with texts, as well as articles and periodicals written for the native-speaker if level allows for this, specific to the subject. From Accounting, through Marketing and Legal courses, to ones designed for secretaries and office managers, our programs will give each student the tools necessary to successfully manage their day-to-day work, and advance their career, while using the English language.
CPL has a selection of teachers who have taught English to students working in each of the above fields and any teacher chosen for a course is chosen because, among other things, he or she is familiar and comfortable with teaching English to students working in the specific field. We offer 60-hour courses in all subjects and, of course, are fully capable of giving courses in General English as well. We also have some teachers who are particularly gifted with working with children and would be happy to discuss lessons for children.

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