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Our methods

CPL employs only hand-selected, individually-tested and completely-qualified Russian teachers of English as well as native-speakers from the UK, the USA, Canada and other English-speaking countries.  The later teachers too are carefully selected because one of our main goals is to provide the best teachers to our clients.  Only by offering the best can we ensure that all of our students learn English.  At CPL all of our students will learn English.  There are no exceptions.  It should go without saying that all of our teachers are accredited and experienced.  This applies to both Russian English teachers and native-speakers.

All of our teachers are carefully interviewed and trained by one of our master teachers.  They take part in our CPL teacher workshops and work with an educational mentor if that is deemed appropriate. Lesson observations are frequent and mandated by the school.

Some of our teachers have additional training and diplomas in fields such as law, finance, business, etc.


Every lesson and course is based on getting the students to speak as quickly, as correctly, as confidently and as often as possible.  All of our teachers use a verbal-based method.   They each work as closely to the “full immersion” approach as possible.

Of course we also use the latest materials, as well as technical helpmates such as the internet, to keep our courses up-to-date, interesting, and useful.  Our teachers continually reexamine their methodological approach with an eye (and an ear) to the question, “Is what I’m doing working for this class or this student?”

Teachers incorporate:  a humorous and enjoyable class mood, team and role playing, logical break-down of text and other material, easy explanations of grammar, continual review, and the use of visual aids.

Our teachers use the latest texts offered by the best language-text publishers.

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